Barış Arge Global has been established in 2004 under Barış Software services in order to provide engineering and marketing services in the field of security technologies. In today's name Barış Arge Global, as a dynamic structure reflecting the experience of 15 years, has become a group of companies which is a technology leadership in many aspects it operates in and provides the latest, the most effective and reliable solutions to its customers since it was established. The current main activities of Barış Arge Global include the works in the process of the development of advanced security and defense industry equipment, design and marketing of surgical and medical technological products, security consulting services, supplying and installation of software systems in related fields.

While Barış Arge Global continues to improve national value and service understandings by protecting, it will also continue its operations to bring strategic research development works to the highest level in the world of technology.

Barış Arge Global has collected its operations on software and products towards border and country security especially electronic safety sector. Barış Arge Global, which experienced a rapid growth, has aimed to become one of the most special r&d companies of Turkey in its sector with its disciplinary and quality service understanding.

Within this scope, our group, operating in services as public institutions and organizations, city and vehicle tracking systems, historical structures, commercial centers, strategic facilities etc., provides turnkey optimum solutions appropriate to all needs and projects by closely following all technological developments related to sector.

Bringing disciplinary and quality service understanding in Anti Drone Systems, Stationary Jammers, Surveillance Systems, Cyber Security, Turnkey Prison Solutions, Border Security, Urban Safety Management Systems, Information Technologies and Network Solutions, Underground Live Detection and Imaging Systems, Defense Industry and Security Software to international platform, Barış Arge Global began to provide services abroad.